Our teachers and staff are the backbone of our success.

Our 5 Prong Teacher Support Program

  • 1.

    Classical Training

    Many teachers in classical education have not been classically trained. At Ignite, we want to ensure that our teachers are familiar with classical approaches and are comfortable with implementing them in their classroom.

  • 2.

    Scripture Teaching and Incorporation Techniques

    Teaching the Word of God and representing Christian spiritual principles is no light matter! We strive to ensure that our teachers have a tool belt of techniques for teaching and demostrating God's word to the leaders of tomorrow.

  • 3.

    Our students are successful when are our teachers are comfortable, at rest, and have what they need to do their best. Working in a multigrade setting takes skill and know how. We provide teacher training and development specific to the ins and outs of navigating and managing a multigrade classroom. 

  • 4.

    Teacher Recognition

    The Success of Ignite lies in what happens in the classroom. For this reason, teacher recognition happens daily! Teacher shout outs, Teacher appreciation, Break-outs, Switch swap, and a list of other great events happen to recognize and celebrate our teachers.

  • 5.

    Spiritual Community

    We strive to create an environment where ministry happens and is available to everyone. Teachers also need the love of Jesus through prayer,  patience, discipleship, and everything in between. We recognize that they are whole beings, and want our teachers to be in the best position to thrive in the classroom.

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