At Ignite, we want to give students every opportunity to succeed.

Multi-Grade Education

We have a multigrade model for our students with each classroom set at 12 - 15 students.

Why Multigrade Education for Ignite?

While research has shown that there are neither benefits nor disadvantages to multigrade classrooms, what we know is this:

  • Students in multigrade classrooms are able to experience grade specific subject material for 1 or 2 years before matriculating into the next grade.
  • Older students in a multigrade classroom learn leadership and responsibility through working with younger students in their classroom.
  • Younger students do better as they move up in grade because they have had the opportunity to "see" the concepts before they get to that grade.
  • Teachers in multigrade classrooms are able to deliver content based on individual students' learning strengths and weaknesses due to the long-term relationship they have with their students.

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